To create a fun, enjoyable, family environment and to develop sports culture for all children regardless of size, ability or fitness level.

Children can be easily inspired to become active and to take part in sports. But for children living in a city, exercise patterns have changed due to urbanization, heavy traffic, constricted living space and tempting television programs and video games. Open spaces for physical activity and opportunities to run, jump, climb, slide, seesaw or swing are sometimes very limited. Therefore it is even more important that urban parents make an effort to find sports and exercise facilities for their children

Joynastics (Recreational Gymnastics), it teaches children to run, jump, roll, twist, balance, and fall properly. And it is the ability to know one’s body, to love movement, and to carry that through life.

We at gymenjoy work on Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed along with Flexibility (ABCSF) through our joynastics program specifically design for Kids from 3yrs to 10 yrs as per age development program of FIG

Joynastics (Recreational gymnastics) is the foundation on which all gymnastics programs are built. Gymnastics is an activity that every child should enjoy. Our diverse range of programs for children starting at 3 years old and continuing all the way to our adult gymnastics program ensures that anyone who wants to participate can enjoy this great sport.

  1. 3-5 yrs, – beginner (Little Hooper joynastics Program) – Twice a week / 1hr session
  2. 6-8 yrs, – Developer (Tumbletuck joynastics program)  – Twice a week / 1hr session
  3. 8-10 yrs – pre competitor (Joynastics Star kids Program)  – Three times a week / 1hr session

The benefits of joynastics are enormous: The sport increases the ability to balance, it also develops good posture. It contributes to the child’s general strength and stability during his or her physical development and promotes agility, flexibility and ability to respond. Above all, however, children gain an awareness of their body in a fundamental way found in no other sport.

“Even if kids don’t love gymnastics, if they start at any age with some classes, they can learn so many different things — they can build a lot of character, strength, flexibility, and courage. Hopefully, they can also develop a sense of fearlessness.”